Social Media Marketing Software for Marketing on Social Networks

Software to help you advertise and sell your products or services on social networks like Facebook.


YourSafetynet home – 3 PC licence – 1 year, updates included

  • Award winning, enterprise-class but very user-friendly family protection and parental control application. Recognized for superior filtering technology without any influence on the computer/internet speed.
  • Unique, easy-to-use interface for setting up filtering and profiles. User-friendly installation within minutes, using existing and unlimited Windows user profiles. User interface available in English and Spanish, select during installation.
  • Set different filter profiles for each user/kid, set time limits for internet and/or computer use, set a schedule for access on specific hours of each day. Any profile is possible with YourSafetynet.
  • Regulate, block, track access to harmful websites grouped per category. Regulate, block, track media categories like chat, games, peer-to-peer, internet telephony, social media.
  • Scare off malicious chatters with a unique warning message for chat contacts. Provides an alert button for instant screenshots in case of threatening or abusive situations.

Protect your child and family against internet risks. Prevent bullying, threats or contact with strangers. Limit or block websites, instant messaging, social networks and more with unique website- and software filters. No static url-filtering but unique dynamic content filtering, so it does what it should do. Determine when and for how long your child can use the computer, the internet, social media, chat, games or software applications. Set up your own whitelists a… More >>

YourSafetynet home – 3 PC licence – 1 year, updates included

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  • First Social Membership The First Social Facebook suite of apps lets you create viral fan page tabs, contests, sweepstakes and more without ever having to pay a monthly fee.

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