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What do you think of this blog post about something said by GirlWritesWhat?

” One female MRA, GirlWritesWhat, endorsed an article called, “The Necessity of Domestic Violence.” She said, “I don’t really find too much in the article that strikes me as seriously ethically questionable.”

According to the article, “Women should be terrorized by their men; it’s the only thing that makes them behave better than chimps.”

GirlWritesWhat was asked on Reddit, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but a good summary of what you’re saying is “Violence isn’t right but a slap here and there is better than the guy taking all of her nagging and exploding in such a way that he beats her within an inch of her life.”

She responded, “That’s pretty much it. I also think it would be good for women to take boxing or karate or some other form of training, not only because it helps you be more confident in your ability to defend yourself against muggings and stuff like that, but that would demonstrate to women that getting hit isn’t going to break them into little pieces. Women aren’t made out of spun glass, and allowing them to believe they are does them no favors.”

The statement, “Women aren’t made out of spun glass,” is similar to what a feminist would say in claiming that women are as strong as men. She makes light of domestic violence by almost acting as if a man’s anger is just too much for him to hold back. This resembles the radical feminist stereotype that men are angry and violent.”
@Sandra, none of this was my words, none of it. And I do not think anyone should hit anyone. Also know men are stronger, this is proven fact.
@Woody, no worries, she is doing that all by herself.

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