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What do MRAs actually do besides complain? And why do they hate feminists?

I’ve only ever seen Mens Rights Activists on Reddit and Yahoo Answers, so I’ve only been exposed to an admittedly small spectrum of them.

…But honestly, what are they even fighting for?

I can see where feminists are coming from, due to centuries of inequality, slut/prude shaming, low representation in managerial/CEO roles, paid less than men, belittled for not having perfect bodies, having to deal with old men in government try to legislate their bodies and reproductive rights, they make up the overwhelming majority of rape/violence victims (despite the fact that most don’t even report it)… the list goes on.

Feminism is fighting for equality… due to oppression.

But men aren’t oppressed… yet the MRAs I’ve seen NEVER miss an opportunity to attack feminism! What do men possibly have to complain about, and why do they (or just the loudest ones, perhaps) appear to be anti-woman most of the time?

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