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The PR Styleguide: Formats for Public Relations Practice

  • Encourages students to make strategic public relations choices using the best forms and styles through examples, explanations, and actual PR pieces.
  • A new list of editing marks most commonly used in the PR field.
  • Consistent chapter structure continually reinforces the desired goal of each media type: What Are They? Who Gets Them? What Do They Do? How Do They Help? What Are the Pitfalls? How Should They Look? Where Should They Go? Did They Work?
  • A wealth of updated and expanded topics, including pitch letters, media advisories/alerts, audio news releases, ethics, and more.
  • Expanded chapter on websites (Chapter 16), including discussions of using email for news releases, using a section of a website as a “newsroom,” and the strategy of using video email.

A concise and student-friendly handbook, THE PR STYLEGUIDE serves as a complete style guide and reference tool for PR students and practitioners. Assisting students in presenting messages that display great form and style, THE PR STYLEGUIDE addresses the most widely used and accepted practices in developing PR pieces providing many visual examples and a breakdown of the goals for each piece…. More >>

The PR Styleguide: Formats for Public Relations Practice

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