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Newly separated and seeing someone new. When do I introduce her to the kiddies?


**All the requirements are below:**


I am 36/M

STBX Wife is 38/F

Our kids are 12/F, 9/F, 7/M, and 3/F

Girlfriend is 22/F

**Length of Relationship:**

Marriage lasted for 14 years

New relationship is 3 months

**TL;DR** Separated and met someone special. I’d like her to meet my kids this weekend, but I’m a little unsure if its too soon. Want some other perspectives.


I’m a soon to be divorced guy and I’m in a new relationship that has been going really well. I had a long first marriage that didn’t work out and I wasn’t planning on dating so soon, but I met Katie and its been just perfect so I had to. Things have been going really great between us and we are both very serious about one another.

I moved away from my wife and kids for a work opportunity (Houston to Minneapolis) and I’ve been focused on work at the moment. Since the move, I’ve been flying down one weekend a month to spend with my children. We are working on figuring out some sort of stable plan for the future, but its being discussed by our lawyers. So for now this is what goes.

My kids are having a 5 day weekend next week, and I’m flying down to get them and fly them back up here to see my house and spend some time together. I’m very excited and my girlfriend has been helping me get everything in order. I’ve been planning on letting her meet them and see how they gel together when they come, until I read something on reddit from a divorced woman, who claimed she didn’t let men meet her kids for a year.

Which led me to re-think my idea and I guess I just want some other perspectives here. Is it too soon, or is this a case by case thing? My girlfriend loves kids, works with kids well, and wants to meet them but would understand if I said no.

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