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JW Pet Company Petville Habitats Roll-A-Coaster Small Animal Habitat

  • The spinning, rolling pet amusement park
  • Fun to watch
  • Easy to unlock and clean
  • Includes dwarf hamster attachments
  • Suitable for hamsters, dwarf hamsters, mice and gerbils

The Roll-A-Coaster is the spinning, rolling pet amusement park! The Roll-A-Coaster comes with a unique wheel that spins and rolls along the track, allowing small pets to quietly glide back and forth across the top of the cage in either direction. This habitat is as fun for owners to watch as it is for pets to play in! The Roll-A-Coaster also features a Second Story Loft, Petting Pod, Durable Food Dish, Wraparound Wire Wall, Lookout, Modular, Add-A-Feature Design … More >>

JW Pet Company Petville Habitats Roll-A-Coaster Small Animal Habitat

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