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I think I have an addiction to the internet?

I’m a huge procrastinator, and am starting to realise that i’m spending WAY too much time on the internet, not really doing anything. Mainly i’m just on reddit and youtube, or just browsing at things which i’ll probably never buy. It’s pretty rare if I don’t spend about 2-3 hours on the internet each day, and if i’m not doing that i’m just watching tv.

Also I rarely actually contribute, but instead just learn random things, or improve my taste in music etc. However I do actually forget loads of the stuff that i’ve seen, so it’s all wasted time. Anyway I was thinking if any of you knew how to reduce the time i’m on here. I love going on the internet, and if I intend to go on it for like 2 minutes, I find myself 30 minutes later laughing at random pictures of cats.


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